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The Atlas Life with married Couple Cameron and Katie | The Atlas Life | Atlas MedStaff

What happens when a chance phone call changes everything about your life as a nurse. That's what happened to Cameron and Katie when they received their best call ever from Atlas Recruiter Nick Plansinis.

Even though they have lacked being able to see family and friends on a regular basis and not knowing the ins and outs of an area, this married pair of travel nurses has taken those cons and turned them around by using this time to experience new things, new foods, and getting to know a new city.

For those still on the fence about travel nursing, these nurses say take the leap. If they didn't they would have always had this regret if they hadn't.

Looking for a recruiter who not only your recruiter but also has been through the same things you have? Get to know Travel Nurse Recruiter Nick Plansinis: 💥