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Travel Nurse Kayla Williams | Pediatric, NICU Travel Nursing - The Atlas Life 86

Want to see new things? Meet new people? Experience new places? So did Travel Nurse Kayla Williams when she reached out to Atlas.

Now she is rocking her first assignment and taking awesome gut-wrenching photos at the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Think Corey sounds like your type of recruiter?

Get to Know Corey:

What will your adventure be?

Corey Anderson: Hi, my name is Corey Anderson. I am a recruiter here at Atlas Med staff. I first met Kayla probably about five months ago. She happened to hop on our website and fill out some information so I reached out to her right away. Luckily it was a good quick connection for the two of us and she took her first assignment ever down in Arizona which she'll be wrapping up here shortly.

Corey Anderson: I'd say the best part of working with Kayla is the reason she's traveling. To me looking at it from the outside she is traveling for the adventure more than anything which makes it fun for her and fun for me to follow along with. Kayla is a great nurse and a little interesting fact about this first assignment is she was coming off of a career in pediatric nursing. We sent her down to Arizona for a peds assignment. She spent one day in the peds unit and they moved her to a level three NICU. She's been doing that ever since. Never complained and loves it. So I think that speaks volumes to her attitude and her skill set as a nurse.

Kayla Williams: So name Kayla Williams. I do pediatrics and this last contract was in the NICU which is pretty cool. So and then right now I am in Tucson, Arizona and finishing up I've got three more shifts left. So honestly I think what nailed it for me was the fact that when I started talking to Corey it really felt like a genuine relationship. I felt like he and you all were, it was something that I could really rely on and I felt like he had my back even from day one like that he was there to answer any questions I had. I think that's really what sealed it for me. It was always something I wanted to do but something that I kept putting off just because it wasn't the right time or whatever. It finally came to a point where I was ready to take that leap.

Kayla Williams: I do it and I want to do it because I want to see new things, meet new people, get new experiences, that sort of thing. I think the best part was getting to see so many different things because right now I'm in Arizona. It's so diverse here. So there's so many different areas that you can go to and see. So I didn't expect to be taken in the way I was like you hear bad stories about travel nursing like, "They treat the traveler awful," and all that stuff. But they've really taken in me since I've been here. So I think that's the part I didn't quite expect was making some good friends where where I've worked.

Kayla Williams: You can't help everybody I think. There's times that you really want to step in and do something and as a nurse like that is why we get into it we want to help people. But then you see that there's points where you've done everything you can and sometimes that's hard to accept. I want to do Colorado because the hiking and everything out there is pretty incredible. The pacific northwest so Washington state or Oregon. Probably California too because I've never been and everybody speaks so highly of it so I'd like to go there as well. Especially with traveling it's a good attitude to have not trying to think too far ahead because a lot of times I do try to think too far ahead but I'm trying to reel that in a little bit and just figure out wherever the next contract takes me. That's the goal right now.