The Atlas Life

Traveling Nurse, AnnaMarie Irwin - ICU - The Atlas Life #73

Traveling nurse, AnnaMarie Irwin, met her recruiter, Ronnie Robinette, during our Carolinas Meet & Greet! These two sat down to talk about what its like living The Atlas Life as travel nurses. Check out AnnaMarie's life in travel nursing!

Recruiter, Ronnie Robinette bio:

Ronnie Robinett: AnnaMarie is so flexible. She's so go with the flow. She's always pro-me and pro-Atlas. I love working with her. She's fantastic. AnnaMarie is a fantastic nurse. She has a great resume. She's been house supervisor. She's been an ICU nurse. She is experienced. She is one of my number one nurses. She's great, so that's how I pitch her. I'm Ronnie. I am a travel nurse and a recruiter.

AnnaMarie Irwin: I'm Anna Marie, and I'm Ronnie's travel nurse and I'm ICU specialist. I happened upon Ronnie actually. I think I was just out there searching and somehow came upon Ronnie. I can't remember. It was a whirlwind. I was in search for a recruiter and bam, there came Ronnie as my saving angel and I have never regretted it since. Oh my God, Ronnie is-

Ronnie Robinett: She pitches me all the time.

AnnaMarie Irwin: I do. I pitch Ronnie and Atlas daily. When I come in with my cup or my pens or my little goodies, I'm like, "" Ronnie is super. She's always there when I need her. If I'm having a rough night I can call her and Ronnie is always there for me. Even when I can't reach my husband, who should better be answering his phone and not always doing what he's supposed to be doing because he's sleeping and we don't get good cell phone service, but Ronnie is always there for me. That's how I would pitch Ronnie, is she is the rock because she's been in my shoes. She's walked the walk, so it's not just talking the talk. She's walked the walk to be able to talk the talk, and knows where I've been and how I feel.

AnnaMarie Irwin: I had an experience at my real job that made me just have to leave, but traveling has been the best thing that has happened to me mentally, physically and emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes over orientation or lack of orientation, it's either too much or not enough. So far I'm hoping for an extension and at MUSC in Florence, but if not, I'm open to another assignment in South Carolina. First time traveler is be prepared for the unexpected, and everything is unexpected. Whatever you think you're stepping into is not what you're stepping into. So just be ready for the house of cards to tumble and no matter what happens, it'll all be okay.

Ronnie Robinett: I love Atlas. I've been with Atlas as a traveler for four years, and the family feel and just ... I know Ann Marie. I know who she is. I know what she looks like. I know that the things that she does, so I think that definitely makes a difference. You're not just a number, like I know your name, I know your husband, your pets. I know that, so that's the best thing with Atlas.

AnnaMarie Irwin: That is true. Family is a big part with Atlas. To me, one of the main numbers is being veteran owned. My husband is a veteran and to me, a veteran owned business means a lot. That's a big difference for me. Then it is very family oriented, knowing about your recruiter and their family and them knowing about you. I remember getting my first gift and it was for my dog. I was half asleep, my husband's like, "What did you order from Amazon?" I'm like, "I don't know. You checked the bank account. What did I order? I didn't order anything," and it was for my dog. That was the best gift ever. It was so awesome.